Saturday, December 1, 2012

Summer Hydrangeas at 10,000 ft

 My Aunt has a beautiful old house in Victor, Colorado.  I think she has owned it for more than 50 years, and the house is well over 100 years old.

Victor is a famous gold mining town in the mountains West of Colorado Springs.  It is just a few miles from Cripple Creek, known for its gold boom days, which is booming again today!

My husband and I had the privilege of spending a few weekends at the Victor house this summer.  It was a much welcomed escape from the heat, and I spent the days painting!

The house is filled with antiques from my Great Aunt Pearl, my Great Grandmother McComb, and my Grandmother.  These furniture pieces, and china and glassware are all familiar, and I feel surrounded in the present and the past all at once.  Imagine sleeping in my Great Grandfather's brass and iron bed!  Grandpa McComb died long before I was born, and there I am sleeping in his bed!  Who knew?

On our trips to the Victor house, I discovered this old chair, It was begging me to paint it.  With my Aunt's permission, I painted these hydrangeas and plums on it while my Aunt watched and read the Bible.  She was thrilled with the result, and I was thrilled with the time we shared together!

There is another chair under the house that is calling to me!  This next summer I will be painting on it for sure.  In the meantime, I found an old 'pocket stove' that is demanding embellishment.  It will be at the Victor house next summer disguised as a table!

Decorative painting is a lifestyle for the young and old.

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