Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Cleaning up My Work Area

My office is all of the downstairs. Really it is in the walkout basement so there are French doors opening to the backyard which let in a lot of light. I have two computers in one corner of the room with a wicker settee and chair accenting the office. This is how my office used to look. This was before Johnny and I were married. The house was neat as a pin, clean.

Now..........this is how it looks at this moment. You can draw your own conclusions on the married aspect, but the bottom line is I need a place to keep papers that I need right now but out of sight! Well, being creative, I always color outside the lines. I remembered a piece I had painted in a seminar with Mary Jo Leisure. Of course, it is not quite done, but it is almost done. It is a cupboard that hangs on the wall. The door is a beautiful flower collage. My search for the piece was successful! I am now using the the cupboard, but sitting it on the desk with the lid open, and putting folders filled with papers inside and out of sight!

Another example of the Decorative Art Lifestyle.
(Yes, there are papers behind there, even folders with papers in them.
I did have to trim the folders down to fit inside the box.)

Victorian Roses and Lace

This is one of my favorite tags.  Victorian Roses and Lace lends charm and beauty to any gift.  Why adorn your packages with just any tag...