Wednesday, January 11, 2012

2011 Woodpile Projects

In January of 2011 I challenged myself to paint one project a month from my extensive woodpile.  I can proudly say that I rescued twelve pieces from a dusty old shelf life and brought them into the world of decorative living!

Some of these projects were unfinished pieces from as long as 25 years ago!  Others were designs that I had admired by other designers, and after all these years, I still wanted to paint them.  Still others were pieces that were painted to finish out a set of place settings or were seminar projects that I had designed myself.

Decorative Art is an art form that has existed from early man and has evolved as our tools and skills have improved.  Leaving a cache of unfinished projects and all the painting surfaces that I have collected over the years would be a real shame!  I want to add my "2-cents worth" to the history of Decorative Art so I am setting my goal again for the new year.  Paint one project a month from my woodpile!  I have found a real sense of accomplishment and inspiration to design and create more!  It is exciting to anticipate the pieces that I will be painting this year!

Victorian Roses and Lace

This is one of my favorite tags.  Victorian Roses and Lace lends charm and beauty to any gift.  Why adorn your packages with just any tag...