Tuesday, November 18, 2008

What Every Girl Needs

A couple of years ago my local hardware store had these 6-in-1 Hammer/Srewdrivers and I purchased them for gifts for my daughters. I have three of these for myself, two are standard screwdrivers, and one is a Philips Head screwdriver set. The screwdrivers nest inside the handle of the hammer. I love these! Of course, no self respecting man would be caught dead using one of these, and that is one of the reasons you can always find it! I keep two in my studio, and one in my office.

Well, I can't find them locally at the moment, and I want to give them as gifts this Christmas. I found them online at YankeePostman.com for just $4.49 plus $5.41 S/H. They make great stocking stuffers, or buy one to treat yourself. This is what every girl needs.

Just another way of Living the Decorative Art Lifestyle.

1 comment:

Brenda said...

This is a wonderful tool - I keep one in my painting tote for "just in case".

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