Friday, May 26, 2017

My New Art Tool

I am loving my new art tool!  There are some wonderful art apps, including Procreate, Art Studio, Adobe Sketch, and Photoshop Mix.  Teaching myself how to use the apps to create art is a challenge, but I can paint in any medium, draw with pencil or pen, or manipulate images with these apps on my iPad.  The Apple Pencil makes it much more precise than using fingers.

It appears that I can install some of my favorite digital brushes in some of these programs!  As I become more knowledgeable with the software, it will be 2nd nature to use technology as an art tool!  What a wonderful age we live in as artists.  By the way, the iPad is rose gold and the whole thing keeps me in the Pink Zone no matter what I am doing on it!
Thank you to Beverly for her dedication to Pink Saturday.  How Sweet the Sound.

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