Thursday, March 4, 2010

Where is Spring?

Spring Countdown.....16 days.  If only Colorado weather would follow the calendar.  March and April are typically our snowiest months, so I am not deluding myself.  But "Hope SPRINGS Eternal"!  Today, it is supposed to get up to 58 degrees.  Yay!  Maybe that 5 foot deep bank of snow on the North side of the house will be somewhat reduced in size.  Whoops, extended forecast says........snow tonight, and tomorrow.

Since it looks like my rose bushes are to remain covered with snow, I am getting out my David Austin's English Roses, Glorious New Roses for American Gardens.  I have had this book for many years, and it continues to inspire me.  Every page is a color plate with cascades of roses, bouquets of roses, 'botanical' photos of single roses, rose gardens, and rose illustrations.  It is a book that is good for the soul of a rose lover.

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