Friday, June 23, 2017

Paper Dolls

During the summer, my sister and I played paper dolls.  We played paper dolls not just for hours, but by the week!  Back then paper dolls were available at the 5 & 10.  You could purchase a book of paper dolls for just a dime or less.  There was always a large selection from which to choose such as movie stars, bride and groom, children, and storybook characters, to name a few.  One book of paper dolls usually had at least two dolls and a large accompaniment of costumes.

These Elizabeth Taylor paper dolls were our favorite.  We loved the fashionable and elegant clothing, and the way the dolls were posed.  We made mansions for these dolls on our beds using books outlining the rooms.  We had balls, house maids, swimming pools, parties, and guests for tea.  We filled our bedroom with large story books placed on the floor as a wharf and used the big game boxes for yachts.  You could barely walk into our room!  At night, we  carefully folded up everything, stacked it just so that the next morning we could set it all up again quickly for a day of play.

We designed clothing for special occasions using color pencils and crayons.  We made dishes and cut them out.  We even made scenery for the mansion gardens.  We had such fun!  Those hours and days spent with our paper dolls and our imaginations are such treasured memories.

Celebrate Pink Saturday with my paper dolls and me at How Sweet the Sound.


Dana of The Stone Rabbit said...

Oh yes!! My sis and I had paper dolls, too!!! I loved the ones in the back of the McCalls magazine!!

You brought back sweet memories!! Have a great Pink Saturday!


Laura said...

I also played with the paper dolls ,I loved dolls and still do as you see by my blog

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