Sunday, March 21, 2010

Decorating for SPRING!

The first day of spring in the Colorado Rockies brought as much as 2 feet of snow in some places, but I persevered and did some decorating.

This is a vignette that I created on my bedroom dresser using a piece I designed with a pink hydrangea as a focal point and arranging a few of my perfume bottles along with it. My bedspread print is muted pink hydrangeas with roses on an ivory background.  The vignette compliments the bedspread colors while repeating the design elements.

When creating vignettes it is good to consider using different textures such as shiny surfaces along with dull.  Note the tapestry potpourri pouch next to the lamp.  It makes a nice statement with the glass. Varying heights and widths of elements within the vignette also add interest.

More decorating ideas to follow.  Hydranges were my inspiration!  Find some one thing or maybe a color and move out the winter decor for a new Spring look.


Brushed By An Angel said...

Very pretty, my favorite colors. It is still cold in Florida, but no snow this year. We keep waiting and hoping that one wintery day we will get a little on the ground. Would be great for the grandchildren to see.

I love hydrangeas also but haven't painted many. This is the year I will try painting them on more surfaces.

Jeanne Downing said...

Have you painted a hydrangea yet? They will be showing up here in the nurseries soon. I want to take several reference photos for painting later.

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