Saturday, March 27, 2010

Hydrangea Decor

Next to roses, hydrangeas are my favorite flower. I love hydrangeas! I am in love with the huge blossoms that stay on the flower until you cut them off. They look just as beautiful in a fresh bouquet as in a dried arrangement. I like the "looseness" of the petals, the huge leaves, and the colors of the blossoms, fresh or dried.  Throughout my house, one can find hydrangeas crafted in stained glass, dried hydrangeas surrounding a mirror, hydrangea print coverlets, hydrangeas fashioned in tapestry, and paintings of hydrangeas. I even used hydranges in my wedding bouquet and as decoration on the wedding cake. That is how much this flower!

Hydrangeas are often thought of as a truly Victorian flower. In the large manor houses of England, it was easy to fill huge vases with their beautiful blossoms since hydrangeas grow to be as big as a salad plate! That may be why in the language of flowers they are known as "A boaster".

Here at Rosecote hydrangeas are a little harder to grow. Though I may not have a hydrangea tree, I purchase a hydrangea bush every season, and when it starts blooming, there is much celebration, and should I say, even a boastful attitude!

You may also be in love with this flower. As a decorative artist you may have tried to paint your own interpretation of its masses of petals. Whether painted suggestively and loose, or with photo-realism, their old-fashioned loveliness make hydrangeas utterly desirable.

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Brushed By An Angel said...

Jeanne, I love this flower too. I haven't had much luck growing them - but then I haven't had much luck at growing anything. I love all the colors especially the pink ones. I am going to try growing them again this year.

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