Saturday, August 21, 2010

Pink Saturday Almost Slips Away

Here it is Pink Saturday, and I almost missed it!  Where does the time go?

This week I have been searching for pink plums.  I want to put them in a painting composition.  Yes, I know, I can paint a plum with pink accents and overtones, but I wanted to see if there really was such a thing.  Many trips to different grocery stores did not reveal any pink plums.  So I went to the Internet and I found this stock photo of pink plums!  Developed in England in the 1870s, Czar is a variety of plum that has an excellent flavor.  Wow!  Not only pink plums for Pink Saturday, but I learned something too!  Wish I could taste one.

There will be pink plums in a painting very soon, not something from my creative imagination, but truly real!


Laura's Rose Garden said...

Good morning Jeanne,
Oh, they look so luscious!! I have never heard of pink plums, but now I know more because of your Pink Saturday blog!! Thank you for sharing!
One of my favorite end of summer and early fall memories is of going to an orchard with my Mom and Dad to pick grounders (apples which had fallen onto the ground). My brother, Bill(5 at the time) and I (6 and a bit) found a blue plum tree (Damson??) which was loaded with big blue beauties!! There was so much fruit the branches were hanging down where a little person could reach them quite nicely! Bill and I picked and ate some and then took some to show Mom and she scolded us because she couldn't afford to buy them!! To this day plums have always been a favorite fruit of mine, second to Bartlett Pears. I weep with joy and fascination when I see a Bartlett tree drooping with fruit!!
Happy Sunday!!
Warm hugs, Laura

Donnie said...

Happy Pink Saturday. Sometimes Gods creations are the most beautiful examples of pink than anything man produces. Thanks for the reminder.

Rebecca said...

Happy Pink Saturday! I'll come back soon and see your new post.

Can't wait!


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